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Grand Power T12 pistol cal. 10x28 (produced by OOO PKP «AKBS», Russia).

Technical descriptions:
  • Calibre: 10х28

  • Firing mechanism: SA/DA (single/double action)

  • Trigger pressure: ~25/38N

  • Barrel length: ~100 mm

  • Total length: ~187,5 mm

  • Height: ~133,5 mm

  • Thickness: ~36 mm

  • Capacity of detachable two-row magazine: 10 rounds

  • Weight with unloaded magazine: 770 g
Оружие самообороны - Grand Power модели T12

Т12 is the logical development of the famous Т10 model which is well-known on Russian self-defence arms market. Despite of almost the same form Т12 has huge technical differences from its predecessor.

Оружие самообороны - Grand Power модели T12

First of all the pistol has another calibre: 10х28. Cartridge of this calibre has elongated to 28 mm 9x19 Luger case with the rubber bullet diameter 12 mm inserted inside.

Оружие самообороны - Grand Power модели T12
On the left - 10х28, on the right - 9х19

The new calibre helped to resolve the main problem of T10 model related to short ammunition (there were cases of unstable feeding of cartridges from the magazine which was initially designed for longer 9x19 cartridges). 10x28 cartridge has the same length as 9x19 Luger and occupies the whole length of regular magazine of Grand Power pistol. So the feeding to the chamber is not a weak point any longer. T10 pistol lacked the "native" cartridge length. T12 does not have such a problem.

Оружие самообороны - Grand Power модели T12
From the left to the right: 9х19, 10х28, 10х22 ammo (loaded to the magazines of Grand Power pistol)

The important thing is that 10x28 calibre is ideal for the non-lethal pistols initially designed for 9x19 ammo that is why 10x28 has bright future in the world of rubber bullet ammunition.

Work of Grand Power T12 action is bases on the free slide recoil principle.

Оружие самообороны - Grand Power модели T12

The slide of the pistol was also changed. Now it does not have the nose plug that permits to install removable front sight. This gives an opportunity to change the standard sight for the fiber-optic one without any difficulties, so the tuning of front and rear sights is now possible.

Оружие самообороны - Grand Power модели T12
On the left - Т12, on the right - Т10

Оружие самообороны - Grand Power модели T12
Front sights: standard (up) and fiber-optic

Plastic handle of the pistol is also new. While T10 model had Mk6 handle, T12 has already Mk7 handle. The main difference is that back panels of the handle are now changeable which is very important for sport shooters who can choose the back panel suitable for own hand. The profile and the form of panels are different. T12 is equipped with one changeable panel (it has the form like Mk6 handle of T10), but the customer can purchase and install additional panels of other sizes. At the front part of the plastic handle there is universal MIL 1913 Picatinni tactical rail where the light, laser target indicator or other equipment can be installed.

Оружие самообороны - Grand Power модели T12

The ergonomics of the pistol is thought over thoroughly. All controls of the pistol (safety, slide catch, magazine release button) are double-sided and suitable both for right- and left-handers.

Оружие самообороны - Grand Power модели T12

Modern materials used in the manufacturing process help to reduce the weight of the pistol. Plastic handle is made of polyamide GF30 and has ergonomic form. Recoil spring lead, safety levers, trigger and trigger guard are also made of plastic. Metal details (barrel, slide and firing mechanism) are treated with Tenifer QPQ technology which gives smoothness, great wear resistance, durability and corrosion resistance. Tenifer process consists of carbonization, oxid cooling, polishing and oxidation. The slide is milled from CrNiMo steel block and tempered up to 40-42 HRC hardness. Than it is carbonized, oxidized and nitrated according to Tenifer technology up to 750 HV. All the pistol components are made with highest precision.

Оружие самообороны - Grand Power модели T12

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